Shopping on the Koenigsallee

    Every fashion city needs a cat walk. What the Maximilianstrasse is to München – is the Koenigsallee („Kö“) to Düsseldorf. In the direct comparison the Koenigsallee could be viewed as the better shopping paradise with a greater versatility. Of course the focus lies on elegant fashion and the necessary accessoires like the scarfs from Versace for the lady and the inevitable Rolex watch for the gentleman. Not without a reason the „Chic of Düsseldorf“ ruled the republic for a long time fueled by those fashion designers like Eickhoff on the Kö with their legendary „ladies lunch“ for the in-society.

    After the retreat of Eickhof from the business the leader of the pack is now the Breuninger trust on the Kö-Bend („Kö-Bogen“), the restructured Jan-Wellem-Plaza. And Breuninger plays this piano with a powerful and convincing style. Everything is possible for the rich and beautiful. Walk right into the fancy world of luxury and desire.

    Not everything is overly expensive what illuminates the shopping windows. There is plenty of opportunities to make a deal. The Shadow Arkaden or the Carsch Haus just around the corner on the Heinrich-Heine-Plaza compete for the favor of the fluent customer and take their share in the shopping world of Düsseldorf.

    The guests of the acora Hotel and Living Düsseldorf may take the bus line 785 to downtown. The bus stop in Altenbrückstrasse is just arund the corner and takes you free of hassles in the „mood for shopping“ into the center of shopping in the city untel final stop in the Heinrich-Heine-Allee. There you are only a few steps away from the nortern rim of the Königsallee.