Old Town and Rhine Terraces

    What is left to be said on the Düsseldorfer Altstadt – Old Town of Düsseldorf without repeating the trivially known? The old town is a striking example for a lively and urban life style to benefit the people, as the meeting point for the employees coming out of the banks and businesses after work, as the party location for night buffs and exciting attractions for tourists. All men become brothers and sisters when they touch glasses with the Uerige Altbier. Social differences blur, the bar tender treats them equally on the counter. The tourist immediately becomes a member of the club and is invited into the scene of Düsseldorf.

    When the soft summer winds blow along the Rhine and the people flock to the Rhine terraces to have a drink in the face of the sunset (a sundowner would be the cocktail of choice) then the Düsseldorf feeling has reached its climax. The Rhine terraces are the perfect cat walk for the young and beautiful folks (the jeunesse doree) of Düsseldorf to show the latest fashion trends – the chic of Düsseldorf – the fashion capitol of the republic.

    The breathtaking view from the terraces – to the from the Rhine tower on the Mannesmann banks, overlooking the bending river to the side of Oberkassel where the sun sinks behind the villas of the „Gründerzeit“ and calls the day – is free of charge and the most democratic event of Düsseldorf. There is no way to stay untouched by this perfect wonder of urban life and splendid scenery.

    The guests of the acora Hotel and Living Düsseldorf may take the bus line 785 to downtown. The bus stop in Altenbrückstrasse is just arund the corner and takes you free of hassles into the center of shopping in the city untel final stop in the Heinrich-Heine-Allee. There you are only a few steps away from the nortern rim of the Königsallee.