Art Collections NRW (K20, K21, KIT)

    Düsseldorf with the Art Collections NRW is the center of contemporary art of the old federal republic, and is only unwillingly passing the torch since the times of the re-unification to the captol of Berlin. The brightness of the Art Academy of Düsseldorfer still illuminates the international art scene. Thanks to the pioneers of the Informel (Karl Otto Götz), the Zero Art (Otto Piene, Heinz Mack, Günther Uecker) and the school of Fluxus with the master Joseph Beuys and his successors that the Academy of Düsseldorfer could influence the republic its with liberterian and unconventional spirit.
    In a way Joseph Beuys was viewed as the imaginary counterpart of Andy Warhol whose theories of commercialization of art („art as a ware“ is the „true art“) were contradicting the extended notions of the „social plastic“ by Jospeh Beuys.

    Art Collections NRW

    Art Collections NRW

    The Art Collections NRW with the dependances K20 and K21 embark on the journey to expose and explain modern art forms to the public. The collections of art from the twentieth century in the K20 on the Grabbeplatz (Grabbe plaza) belongs to the most important expositions in Germany regarding the classical modern art from Europe and USA since 1945. The K21 on the Ständehauspark focuses on contemporary art. The Quadrienale just closed their doors and the scene moves along to the next venues.

    Kunst im Tunnel Duesseldorf

    Kunst im Tunnel (KIT)

    Not to forget the project „Kunst im Tunnel (KIT)“ of the city of Düsseldorf which is another cornerstone of the artful landscape of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) curating various expositions in a tunnel undeer the Rhine bridge on the Mannesmann river bank.

    The guests of the acora Hotel and Living Düsseldorf may take the bus line 785 to downtown. The bus stop in Altenbrückstrasse is just arund the corner and takes you free of hassles into the center of shopping in the city untel final stop in the Heinrich-Heine-Allee. There you are only a few steps away from the nortern rim of the Königsallee and the Grabbe plaza for K20. A walk along the terraces on the Rhine leads your way to the Ständehauspark into the K21.

    The title foto comes from the foto archive of the Düsseldorf Marketing and Tourismus GmbH with Copyright „© Düsseldorf Marketing and Tourismus GmbH – Fotograf U. Otte“.